Journal/ Day 8/ Switzerland Via Alpina

Switzerland 2022

July 8th

Rays of light,
like a winnowing fan,
unfold like fingers
pointing in all directions.
I pause and offer thanks.

Luminous vapors
come together forming a
pack of puffy white cotton
candy clouds.
They hold the mountains before
floating by.
I pause, filled with gratitude.
Stepping on earth’s bed,
roots stretch out like spools
of yarn, knitted together.
My ‘soles’ cross the lingering drops
of the waterfall’s rocks.
They are washed revealing bright shades of red,
as if tanned from the flame high in
the sky’s dome,
igniting a stage whose performance
goes on and on and, I,
I pause beholden to the wonder.
A river runs freely.
Its flow knowing, showing no sign of halting and, it
has no understanding of stopping.
I hear its roar, as the boulders
held in its sway, act as if a
tambourine elicits its eternal
I pause and am so very grateful.
A long day’s journey
brought me to a simple place.
Upon arriving, I hear a gentle woman calling
my name.
I enter a space.
I am washed and refreshed beneath a shower.
Outside, the heavens pour down
sweeping rains.
Earth, too, wants to be made clean.
I pause, made humble.

Invited to a table, I am greeted
by a gentle man who brings glasses from
which to drink.  Soup, warm as I
touch the spoon to my lips.
Next, I’m crunching a salad with
juicy ripe tomatoes, the greenest
cucumbers, shreds of carrots.
The main entrée is set before me.
Apricot ice cream paints my pallet’s
final bite
—I pause in this holy communion.

The night moves in.
The day’s memories, a sweet
blanket, cover me.
I whisper softly, ‘good night.’

Pausing, eyes close in prayer.

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