Journal/ Day 9/ Switzerland Via Alpina

Switzerland 2022

July 9th, 2022

A walk in a womb

Embryonic fluids
filled the center.
The sound of its current
dangles between
enormous slabs of uterine walls
on both sides.
Walking in Oneness beside the river,
I was pushed,
time after time.

The sun shielded its face,
the rays lifted the clouds.
The waters,
a glistening blue-silver.
Within, soaring
—each step calculated
as best can be.

Magnificent pines.
Spectacular green needles
create shadow spaces
revealing learning places
stored in the cabin
of my Soul.
Becoming…here in this womb.

I am Becoming.
The question living in me
EVERY day…

Who am I?
And who are you, Lord?

This pilgrimage, like past treks
…questions asked
…answers not sought.

The pursuit is the prayer.
Taking notice
of the tributaries finding
their way ‘into’ this birthing canal,
drops of water, too numerous to count.
They thrust themselves from the edge of
a cliff
—the volume, uncharted
—the sound…a force not to be reckoned.

Soaked in wonder
Bathed in awe

These words cascade down the river
uniting with the drops
thrust from the waterfalls
and again,
I am born anew.



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