A solitary bird
flew for unprecedented miles
before settling in a tall
pine in a vast forest.

Its wings were heavy
dampened by winds
that carried the dove
and at the same time
urged it to rest.

A soft cue
split its beak
and it listened as
the echo carried
on, and on, and on…

Now, safely tucked
in the branches
the feathered creature
closed its eyes
burrowing itself
in unrestrained

When it woke
the tender being asked
itself, “Did I really
have to travel this far
to understand this moment?”

“Could I not have landed
anywhere—close-by to
where I set out
to find a place such as this?”

For a long time
the bird rested in these

then one day
it softly rustled its
stretching them into the

needing no answers

it spread its wings
and took off in

ALL directions
pointing the WAY.

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