It’s time—

I’ve held from a branch
that birthed me.
I unfolded to wonders
BUT…it’s time.

Time to let go.

I’ve been dazzled while dangling—
the most inclement weathers
enveloped me.

lightning illuminated the veins
of my being…
claps of thunder
shivered through me as the
winds pulled and tugged…

But—I held.

I’ve viewed many sunrises
and sunsets—

during the day I was
often scorched
but, then came the night—
shadows of light.

I was in the moon’s glow
while a quilt of stars
became a blanket—night’s sky.

It gave me something I
cannot capture in mere words.
I hope you understand this
one day.

Now—it’s time for Leaf(ing).

I’ve been a beautiful green
only to become orange and
now I’m browning in the most
elegant of ways.

I’m no longer soft and limber.
Instead, I’m crisp.

I hear the wind
approaching—it’s coming…

Off I gooooooooooooo—

It’s time for leaving.

Fall Blessings

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  1. Marie-Claude Arnott
    Marie-Claude Arnott says:

    Lovely poem Sandy. It reminded of a book I gave to my grand-daughter called Paint Me a Poem. Her favorite poem (attached to a painting) is about roses in a bouquet that talk to each other.
    Nature can have the most interesting of conversations!
    Happy Autumn!

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      How fortunate your grand-daughter to have YOU—
      You gift her with words and open her heart to the joys of Life—
      I believe I SEE a little ‘rose’ unfolding in her:)


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