LEAH…(Hebrew Scriptures)

LEAH…(Hebrew Scripture)

You asked for nothing.
You simply did as you were told.

Your very being was ripe with wonder—
it was in your delicate eyes.
Your children danced around your feet.

You were the eldest.
Did you really wish to quibble with your
beautiful sister?
I think not so…

Your purpose was to bear fruit
and so you did.
Your gave your maid servant, Zilpah
to your husband
and more off spring danced around your table.

Yes, Rachel conceived after being barren
as did her maidservant, Bilhah.

Sweet communion amidst such strife.

In giving birth to a second son, your sister Rachel died
singing his name Ben-Oni.
Jacob called him Benjamin.

Leah…you seemed to disappear from the story
but, your love lived on.

IN case a battle ensued,
You, faithful mother, were put in the
front lines with your kin.

Jacob NOW named Israel (transformed)
RETURNS to face his brother Esau…

He placed you, Leah, in the front row.
You did NOT wrestle…
YOU already trusted in the ONE
who walked every step with you.
There you knew love.

“In a gentle way you can shake the wor(l)d.”

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