Left Handed…

Left Handed

Left handed…
right handed…
the memory retains the shape,
the formation of
consonants and vowels.

Spelling words out with the
use of the non-dominate hand
—a challenge
—an exercise of engagement.

I am so mindful of my every
breath as I curl an ‘e,’ as
I inhale an ‘o.’

I linger a tad longer
crossing the ‘t,’ dotting an ‘i.’

Such minute detail taken
for granted until one begins
to learn an old skill
in a new way.

We can learn to adapt,
adjust, pass on, carry on.

transforming us internal.

The wonderment given to
us is gift when what is
so ordinary to us—
taken (even if for a short while).

Do not wish this space
over soon…
It has much to tell,
to write…

Yes, left handed.

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    I can sympathize as the baby, Kingston, recently broke his right arm and learned to adapt very quickly. However, he is a year old and not an adult like you, Sandy, although the child inside you thrives. I would imagine it is a painstakingly slow process, one that requires thought and concentration, to adapt to something like that, especially as the writer and artist that you are. You are correct in that it is a skill that is taken for granted until something happens to change that. Sending love and light! Ann

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      My heart embracing baby Kingston…
      You are correct when we speak of the child that thrives within me…
      All is well and it’s amazing what unfolds in between what remains unseen!!!
      Love and MORE love


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