…lost in heaven

…lost in heaven

Walking with you each day
has become a tapestry mosaic.

Piece by piece,
my steps, your steps

Often times, they are One.
I cannot notice
what is Yours?

After a distance,
as I glanced back,
and turned,
I realized that I was not
changed into
a pillar of salt.

I saw,
I bore witness
to the artistry being conveyed.

So much revealed
that was unrecognized.

After so many uncounted, uncalculated
the design fashioning itself
~~~everlasting, eternal.

Here I am, 
lost in heaven NOW.

Excuse me while I lace my boots.
I’m heading out
to walk in wonder
and fashion more pieces
in the mosaic
of life.

A new image
hid-den and revealing
itself throughout time.

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