LOT’S DAUGHTERS (Hebrew Scriptures)


Lot’s Daughters…nameless women (Hebrew Scriptures)

No, Father

They are pounding on our door.
Listen to their roars—
their demands.
they spew all kinds of treacherous remarks.
What’s gone wrong?
We’ve seemed to have lost our ways.

Save us, save us all.
Our uncle, Abraham, pleaded…if 30, if 20, if
10 and so on~~~ but, no.

Into our home the angels came and with great warning.

From the outside the men’s angry voices
shattered our hollowed walls.
They wanted to have
their way with the angels.

What?  What are you saying, FATHER?
He opened the door.
He, our Father, opened OUR innocence.

In his own words he shouted above the clamor.
‘Do not touch these angels’…
‘Here, I have two virgin daughters…
Do with them what you will.’

Later…he does what he wills
to us.
It is we who ‘carry’
the blame within us.

Seeds planted by our father.

(Photo taken in Panama/Artist Unknown)

…compassion is the quivering of the pure heart that occurs “when we allowourselvesto be touched by the pain of life.”
Jack Kornfield/Philosopher citing Buddhist Scriptures

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