Lot’s Wife…nameless woman (Hebrew Scriptures)















Lot’s Wife…nameless woman (Hebrew Scriptures)

Turn back…
Turn back…
Is that all you remember of me?

Yes, I looked back—
but for one moment
walk beside me…
SEE me for who I am
and you’ll capture a mere glimmer of yourself—
Would you look back?

My pace hurried.
The soles of my feet barely touched the earth—
MY two ‘virgin’ daughters ahead of me…I see life
through them.

In my mind’s eye
I see my two married daughters left behind~~~
Sure, my husband, yes…he has a name.
I do not
but, at this moment it does not matter.
My sons-in-law laughed when my husband told them
we MUST flee.

So far removed
yet, I am ever within reach.
I hear the destruction, the crumbling of life.
I smell the scent of death
and it stings…to my very core.

My daughters nursed at my breasts,
sat upon my knee
as I shared with them stories, laughter,
and song.

Their children, my grandchildren
gathered around my table.
No matter how corrupt our town,
LOVE lived through my seeds.

Are you listening?
Tears flow from my eyes as I walk, stumble,
Now I stop—

a milky substance flows down my cheeks,
over my body, down to my feet.
My grief flows like a river
and I am encapsulated in
SALT crystals.
Yes, my daughter—
a natural ingredient.
Opening my arms to you,
I turn back,
standing firm.

Yes, standing firm, my roots
planted…I will
never abandon you—

I turned back, yes,
so you would know you
are never alone.















“YOU are the salt of the earth…”
                                            Matthew 5:13

4 replies
  1. Kathy Ward
    Kathy Ward says:

    Made so much sense to me. I had not really ever invested any thought and I have heard it many times. Your telling it from the mother’s slant is heartbreaking. She is not a willful, defiant questioner. She is a mother divided by her responsibilities for all her children~ how could she NOT turn back~ in pain and horror and sadness. How could she simply go on ~ her hurting was paralyzing ~ not one more step was possible~ Wow!

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      How ‘beautiful’—your eye’s “SEE” the Mother…
      She is a ‘pillar’ of GOODNESS and love that NEVER ends!
      Thank YOU for reading and sharing your words!


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