Make Straight

Make Straight

How does ‘one’ make straight a path?

Year after year entering this Season
—a season where the dark holds
its way longer than the light.

Candle lit, a narrow flame
ignites the space.

Is the path of light, the flame
flickering in a black sea…
is it straight?

The warm rays extend in all directions
—so, are each of us
to discover that straight path
for ourselves?

Do our eyes finally open
when we realize
ALL paths led us to the
all pervading Light of Love?
The Light of Divine presence
pervades in each ‘one’ who
wears a belt of faithfulness
around the waist…and offers
food to the hungry and shelters
the homeless—
who offers kindness to creatures
and rejoices in the bird’s songs.

Oh, that our breath, slipping from our
lips, would wipe away all that
would distort the glory
shining in the darkness of this time.

Make straight our hearts
to find our way to Love.

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