Martha and Mary…The New Testament

Martha & Mary

Martha: Did you hear me?

Mary:  I am listening…

Martha:  Oh my…the house needs to be tidied—
and what will I prepare?
I already have bread in the oven
but, what shall I serve with it?
Are you here?

Mary:  Oh, yes…I’m listening…

Martha:  Just look at me—
my hair is all over the place.
I cannot stay in these clothes for
they are filthy, sweaty—all wrinkled
from wear.
Just look at me!  Can you see me?

Mary:  I’m listening…

Martha:  Sure, sure
you’re listening—
But, you have NOT heard a word I said.

Jesus…would you please speak some sense
to my sister—After all she’s sitting there
listening to YOU…she’s not listened to all
I have been doing alone.

Jesus:  Martha…can you hear me?

Martha:  Jesus, I’m trying to.

Jesus:  Martha ‘can’ YOU hear you?
Your sister, Mary…she’s outside weeping.

Martha:  Why is she weeping?
I’m the one busy working, preparing
making sure everything is just right…
Oh, I can barely hear myself think—
if I just had a little help.

Jesus:  Martha…she, Mary, is weeping for YOU.

She wants to listen to you,
but you cannot even ‘hear’ you.

Are you listening?
“Part of waking up is that you live your life as you see fit. 
And understand:  That is not selfish.  The selfish thing is to demand
that someone else live their life as YOU see fit.  That’s selfish.”                                                   
                                                                                                      —Anthony de Mello

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