MARY…The New Testament

The New Testament is a branch—
EXTENDED from the expanding roots of the Hebrew Scriptures…

I OPEN the story through the voice of a Woman
—a woman of courage
—a woman who overcame fear
and simply said, “Let it be done.” (Metaphorically speaking)

What was done to her birthed a child, who challenged his time, his people, his culture, religion & politics AND it was she who taught him the words, “Be NOT Afraid.”
THIS he echoed timelessly in every NEW step he chose to walk…


MARY…The New Testament
“Don’t be afraid”
Sure, easy for YOU to say
…’whoever you are.’

“Please don’t be troubled.”
Alright, but what kind of greeting do you come with?

Did I really hear what was just
whispered to me like a breeze in the wind?

What has been done I already feel
growing within the fabric of my being—
a tree bursting forth within my womb.

My heart is exploding in wonder.
I know SO MANY will not understand this.
I’m not sure I truly do, Yet—

I will be looked down upon.
They’ll call me names and utter all kinds of insults…
But, I will not be afraid.

My mother taught me this…
She taught me to listen carefully to the ‘Spirit’ of God
and I shall pass this onto the one living
already inside of me.

I am ‘worthy’…this my mother taught me as well.
Yes…I, a girl…

From my youth, it did not matter I was a girl.
In fact, it was everything that mattered.
She sang to me, cradled me in her arms,
told me, “You are a gift of love—
Shine in the world.”

She didn’t really prepare me for just how deeply
it would hurt, but one must
‘grow’ through the seasons of life.

He came and I told him how much he
He seemed to laugh with delight.

I told him never to be AFRAID…
He listened…
His final words in this world—
“Be NOT AFRAID I am with you always even to the end of the Age.”
“I must be the Virgin and give birth to God.”
                                                                  17th Century German Mystic Angelus Silesius

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