can you see?
Mary…can you see?
Yes, it is truly me…

I am here.
I am always near.

I AM the whisper in the wind—
the voice of the chirping bird.
I AM the fragrance of the rose
and I sit within a butterfly’s wing.

Mary, can you see?
I know that you BELIEVE.
You always understood the way
and what I had to do…

raise them well.
Teach them always to BELIEVE…
open their eyes to TRUTH
and let them always know they are free.

don’t ever be afraid.
I’ve sprinkled the stars to light your path.
I hold the sun to make you warm
on the coldest of winter days.

Mary, can you see?
Wipe the tears from your eyes—
bathe in the pools where you have cried.
Lead the Way.

It will not be easy.
Still—lead the way.

Many will not understand.
Still—lead the way.

I know you See.

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  1. donna nikzi
    donna nikzi says:

    This poem and this artwork are powerful reminders of that which we are… beings of LOVE embraced by LOVE. Thank you for sharing your awesomely powerful gifts!


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