I woke this morning
the moon shining through my blinds.
I pulled back the covers
and reached for you.

I stepped out
under a sea filled with stars—
the twilight
sang love songs to my soul.

You took my hand
as a path revealed itself.
The trees bowed their heads—
their leaves
made music
guided by the winds.

I reached a meadow
and I laid myself
down—the dawn
began to paint the sky.

A brush stroke
dipped in pink
then a subtle hue of orange…
I sat wrapped in 
a green blanket~~~
dew drops bathed my skin.

Then, the earth
revolved to meet
the sun—that marble of fire
igniting the ceiling of heaven.

I sat long enough
knowing I never was alone—
the forest creatures
knew this song.

Listening to silence.
I found the sweetest prayer.
No actions necessary—
this sacrament required 
only presence.

I am not certain
how it happened
but, dusk
rose clearing the stage.

The curtain closed
lifting speckles
of galaxies
far beyond reach.

Then a miracle…
a feather
softly landing
in an open 

You are not ‘out’ there—
you are in the palm of my hand.

You the breath
of my being.

You are a miracle
and, I am one, too.

A Blessed Thanksgiving to one & ALL…
A belated greeting to my friends to the North who have already celebrated THIS day…
AND…to many of you who do NOT have this Holiday on your calendar…
Truly…each and EVERY day is a day of Thanks-Giving!
My heart filled with ‘gratitude’ that you join with me on Mondays & Thursdays in a collective community seeking ONLY love in the world!

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