MIRIAM & her MOTHER (Hebrew Scriptures)

Miriam & her Mother

You were young.
Who’d listen to your voice?
Child, you are also a girl—
but, no ordinary girl.
You, wise prophetess.

You, announced from your mother’s womb,
would come the one who
would free those
held in slavery.
You were the orchestrator of the plan.
Your mother swaddled him in Hebrew cloth.
You carefully wove a basket of reeds.
A womb filled with life
flowed on the Nile
and into the arms of Pharaoh’s daughter.

She knew—
They knew—
Women, without speaking.
Ambassadors for life(the three of them).

She loved him like her own
and secretly gave him back to you
so you could bring him to feed on
your mother’s breasts.

Miriam…if only they knew
your part in this grand ‘plan.’

You, prophetess,
led the women with timbrel
and they followed joining in dance
when the split in the waters were reunited.

You, prophetess, dared to question
the Source of your existence.
Yes, you were a leader~~~woman.
And, because you spoke,
it is said you were stricken with leprosy
and cast out of the community for seven days.

Those seven days were your change in consciousness.
You were ever more mindful of who you were.
You re-entered in silence…this spoke
more than words.

You died in a parched land.
The mystery of your death
brought ‘waters’ to the people.

Oh, Miriam.
For those who have ears,
may they hear you in the sounds of water
like an endless timbrel and slowly begin
to dance.


“Once you have chosen what you cannot complete alone, you are no longer alone.”
                                                                                                     —A Course in Miracles

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