If one day I
should come up

search a while—
ONLY a short time.

AND—if I should not
return, ‘seek’ me
in your heart.

Trace ‘our’ memories shared—
sacred encounters.

You know me well
enough…I’ve been
an EXPLORER of sorts.

You may think I tread upon roads I
should not have—
you might say it was
a mistake…

BUT, I’ll say to you that—
my MISTAKES (as you call them)
have been my greatest jewels.

THESE mistakes have
brought me to my
truest self~~~the diamond
deeply tucked in—
WAITING to emerge.

I found this…
trust I have—
fret not.

ANYTHING could happen
in life at anytime,
in any place.

Why I’m not here NOW
and you still remain—
I don’t know…
AND, does it really matter?

“Certainly, I’ll miss you,
yet, even though I’m so far away
I’m so close, so close…”
















Dedicated to Denise Thiem
(Pilgrim on the Camino 2015/ Missing)

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