Moon River

Moon River

Six years old—
Swooning and crooning
across the kitchen floor
in my father’s arms.

I’m laughing—
He’s singing—
and from some
unknown place
I say,
“We’ll never have a
father daughter dance
like this…I won’t be
getting married.”

Years would pass…
I was his hero—
He didn’t miss one of my games
and traveled to be with me wherever
I might play.Then, one day I put
down the glove…
I hung my racquet
and immersed myself
in study…
He didn’t know how to
find me there—
still, he loved me.

how quickly it passes.
An enormous life change
for my father—
He did not know
who he was anymore.
When they gave him no option
but to retire,
he left ‘everyone’ behind.

I’m singing a familiar tune,
“The cats and the cradle
       and the silver spoon…
little boy blue and the man
      in the moon…”

Now, in desperation—
in urgency I go to him…

His mind waning—
one moment he seems to
understand, then whatever

The Bronze Star sits
on his table…
First time he’s spoken to me
of his service in the
Korean War—
Perhaps, a memory he wishes
would fade.

I turn on his organ…
He selects the song—
We dance in the living room…
the carpet, soft, beneath
out feet.

It’s the last dance with
my father…

I’ll ALWAYS remember.

(Dedicated to my father Joseph C. Mattucci/Father’s Day 2016)


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