MOSES (Hebrew Scriptures)



Take off your sandals—
the place you stand, “Holy.”
Holy ground…let the soles of your feet
sink deeply ‘into’ creation…
into the soils of our time, past and present
yet, beginning before any
beginning even began
or ever thought.

Spill into me, Moses—
So long you have lived in this desert
away from a life where ‘all’ was yours.
Then, ‘they’ discovered your truth
casting you out.

I AM sending you back—
back to lead the people who live in slavery.
Out into this desert.

“BUT, but, but
I, I cannot ‘lead’ this, this people.
Why, why I cannot even speak”—
(No one’s ever spoken of your speech impediment)

I have chosen you…
can ‘you’ hear me?
I dwell within you
and will forever be at your side.
The flame you see in front of you
is within you
The bush ignited by my very being
engulfs you.

You are to be a blaze
for the people.
Help them—
Reveal to them—
they each contain a spark.

so that all may
dwell in a ‘Promised Land.’

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do”…         —Eleanor Roosevelt

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