My Soul’s Address

My Soul’s Address…

Does not live on a
particular street.

No zip code
can trace its location.

A label attached to a letter will NOT
lead to my Soul’s Address.

Where then can my Soul
be found?

Wrapped in the blanket of
my body~~~

—which stretches like
a tree
—that basks in the sun
—that delights in falling rain
—that shivers in the cold
—that ‘feels’ both joy and heart break
—that one day
will unzip itself
releasing my soul.

My soul has borrowed THIS tent
for ‘some’ time.

My Soul’s Address soars like a flock of migrating birds
into the eternal unknown.


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  1. Fran
    Fran says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your writing. I love this one (and many many others)?
    I received a great sense of freedom and pure joy of existence in this one! Thanks again.


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