Nature Holds No Blame

Nature Holds No Blame

A leaf spoke to the wind—
“You’ve come so soon.
I was NOT expecting you,
BUT because you’ve come
I will let-go.”

The sun spoke to the storm—
clouds adrift on the horizon,
“Come, come…the land is dry
in need of your sustenance.
Fill the rivers and oceans.
If the creeks should overflow
their banks, do what is yours
to do.”

The hawk spoke to the tiny mouse—
“You’ve hidden yourself for
now, but my “EYES” can spot
you from great distances.
In time, I’ll seek my claim.”

The flower spoke to the dawn—
“No one will see my unfolding
in this lowly valley, but I
know there is One who
delights, if ONLY this day,
that I AM.”

The stars spoke to the night—
“When we see your shadow
approaching, it is as if we
are set anew…
a blaze within unfurled.”

A child spoke before
the coming of age—
“How beautiful this life I live.
There is so much to

Then BLAME spoke—
disparaging remarks,
demeaning utterances,
engulfing separations,
postings of hatred
and racial divides.

Nature listened
and listened
and listened.

The tree of Life
sat in
the center

Will these children
ever return to
the garden?


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