Nicodemus/Re-Enter the Womb…The New Testament

Nicodemus/Re-Enter the Womb…The New Testament

How can this be?

By night he came
through the shadows.
Nicodemus, you came
searching, trying desperately
to understand THIS light.

Hidden, your ‘literary’ mind
attempting to grasp words—
words that always seemed
so simple for you.

You could utter all kinds
of explanations.
You elicited facts—
Quoted laws—
written lessons handed
down through the ages.

BUT now
you heard,
“You must be born again.”

AGAIN, your understanding
‘limited’ by your own mind.
Your inability to
hear the words—

You thought,
“I’m a grown man—
how am I to re-enter
the womb which gave
me life?”

To return to
THAT, that beginner’s

That infantile pure mind
that bursts forth out of
nine months in a sea of darkness
AND, then—
Beholds ALL things
as NEW.

Every day
after swimming in
the depths of dreams,
we open our eyes
bursting ‘into’ another

A NEW day
we begin again—
we are born again

to behold life
and re-capture
the innocence
as when we first arrived.

you sought what could not be explained.

Your learned mind
a fresh slate

YOU—birthed anew.

“Be who God meant you to be and you’ll set the World on fire.”
                                                                      —Catherine of Siena

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