Old Wine Skins…

Old Wine Skins…

I’ve carried you
for so long.

I’ve heard ‘about’
New wine skins
but I still returned
to the old…

I MUST confess
I did NOT understand
UNTIL now.
I heard the story
and the OLD wine skins

I was soaked in
fermented tasteless wine—
I began to weep
mindful of what I
have allowed myself
to carry for far too

I’m laughing
drunk from tasting
NEW wine.
Only a drop
touched my lips
and I’m intoxicated
by the sweet aroma
I’ve withheld
from myself
until this moment.

Old wine skins
I thank you
and bid you

New wine skins
pour in me
the empty place
that has
ALL things NEW.

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  1. wink
    wink says:

    The ‘old’ and the ‘new’ are truly a continuum—each needs the other—may we hold on to the ‘old’ and embrace the ‘new;–


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