On a Clear Day

On a Clear Day

On a clear day

I can see for stretches of vast

Walking on—the pictures before me
change and leave imprints—
countless rooms, secret chambers tended,
beating in a cave
within my heart.

But, on days when all is not so

I look out and my imagination is

Visions beyond words dance across
a hillside…a pool of water
carries me over a bridge into
far off lands.

The sky lets down a stairway
and, I  climb, and climb, and climb.

When I believe myself to have
reached the summit,
a slide appears.
Down, I plunge—
hands raised high in the air.

Laughing, I splash into a
garden of blossoms,
each gentle petal
softening my landing.

I rest and wake in a clearing.
—the fog lifts
—the mist gone

My imagination finds its way
to a blank page
and, words like flames,
fill the cave inside my heart.

The light never seems to fade
even when the embers
seem to have vanished.


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