When I finally ‘opened’ the door—
the world entered…

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  1. Dottie Frament
    Dottie Frament says:

    Sandy: I have loved your work from the first time I saw you perform at Pumpkin Hollow, and then each time I read one of your weekly poems. So many times I thought of responding, but often I found that my response was so multi-layered (emotional, resonant, triggering something that bubbled up for healing, thoughts that sent me off on deeper spiritual explorations, etc.) that I knew I didnt have time to write why I appreciate you so much. So, this is for all of those times.
    Opening the door (to my heart, to share burdens, to receive Love, Abundant GOOD, etc.) quite literally changed my life. Your art and few well-chosen words elicited a huge wave of gratitude and awareness of the Love and Goodness that flooded in when I dared to trust and open the door again. If you have ever doubted your worth as artist/poet/spiritual teacher (aka open, vulnerable gifted human /spirit-being), dissipate those thoughts immediately. YOU ARE SERVING THE WORLD. Thanks for expressing your being so authenticly and beautifully.


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