December 2012…

I journeyed to a land, a people forever woven into my heart
I traveled with an incredible team of persons…’our’ quest to help the Guatemalan people care for their water ‘source.’
No matter where we traversed—
we were greeted with overwhelming ‘hospitality’—what little the people had they shared in abundance spreading a banquet table for us.
We taught~~~
they listened hungry for more…
At times communication took place without words.  It was ‘their’ thirst for understanding that filled my empty cup.





Returning to my homeland~~~
I began to paint ‘with’ color…a first time—

The stationery line I developed can be viewed on my ‘gift shop‘ page.
Your donations support the outreach I have come to love—
Thanks to so many of you who have helped make that December 2012 trip a lasting mission.