Papers of Identity

Papers of Identity

These papers
line by line
question after question…

reveal who I am!

THESE papers
do NOT come close…

Each day
I am surprised
by life’s joys and sorrows

THIS is who I AM.

Daily I ‘Become
as I step out beneath stars
as I lay adrift in clouds
as I walk beside a stream
or spread my arms soaring alongside a hawk.

My identity
is anything but a distinct heap of facts.

My SELF is a backpack
carried along on adventures.

Each moment planned, unplanned
guiding me on life…

FULL, broken, unmasked, tangled, spectacular!

You want to SEE my papers?

Go outside—
Feel the wind in your hair.
Get drenched in the rain.
Bake in the sun…be touched by the rays.
Catch a snowflake on your tongue.
Allow a furry friend to dab its muddy paws in your arms.

THIS is my identity.

If ever you wish to meet—
climb a tree…

I AM sitting in a branch.
(Look closely)

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