Parable of the Talents…The New Testament

Parable of the Talent…The New Testament

I’m the One.
Yes, the One
given only a single talent—
an equivalent of 15 years of

Imagine what I could do with this!
“I” close my eyes.
“I” could be content
no worries.
And, if, I drew ‘others’ into this,
this, this____________.

I open my eyes
and I see all around me
Ordinary people
trying each day
to have enough to
get to tomorrow.

This Noble Man…Herod’s son~~~now
there is a play on words.
He’s left me this single talent
and I will not, no I will not
buy into this, this____________.

I’ve buried it in a field along side
my crops.
My crops blossom
and I sell what I can.
I’m taxed on most.
What do I really have…?

My integrity—
I try to share.
I try to give what I can.

Many come to my door and I cannot
turn them away.

That ‘talent’ in the soil—it grows.
Nothing BUT control, power,
status, competition—it creates a
bar, a dividing line separating ‘people.’
‘ONE’ people—into classes.
The Noble man returns after being
kicked out of the kingdoms
he sought to conquer.

He came to reclaim what was
never his—

I return the talent.
His anger unleashed.
I’m still free
for I’ve chosen not to buy
into this, this_____________.
“If there is one thing I fear less than everything else, it is, I believe, persecution for my opinions.  There are a good many points about which I may be different, but when it comes to questions of Truth and intellectual independence, there is no holding me—I can envisage no finer end than to sacrifice oneself for a conviction.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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