Pilgrim…where have you been?

Pilgrim…where have you been?

For weeks
you followed yellow arrows—
pointing, guiding, directing
a way.

At times,
‘even’ though the signs visible,
you were so fixated in your
thinking that you strayed…

Not for long—
you sensed
you were off course…
still, for some unknown reason
you were meant to veer.

You turned yourself around
and found the ‘hidden’
direction your eyes missed—
and you continued the walk.

When you reached
the final marker,
YOU knew the journey
far from over.
In fact, in essence
it’s only now begun.

There are no more
yellow markers.
You’ve come to trust
what is only visible
in your soul—

A soul you’ve sought
and discovered
though you cannot
define ‘it’ with words.

Pilgrim…where have you been?

Yes, on an inward
path leading you
to this present NOW.

There is no going
back and you cannot
get to tomorrow
without first ‘living’

Go gently…
touch the earth you’re
meant to stand upon
this hour…
don’t rush the minutes
or seconds…

In fact—
put aside
AND Live.

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  1. Benedicte
    Benedicte says:

    Dearest Pilgrim
    A beautiful poem and wise guidance for the days in our life.
    After “walking” a long path with very visible signs, it can be some very sad and lonesome days without any direction given. Then the inward path from our heart is our NOW = LIFE.

    Thank you dear sister of my path.
    Can I share this poem with people who come and hear my talks about walking the Camino?

    Love and blessings for your NOW.


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