Prizes & Punishments

Prizes & Punishments…

save the rewards and
the prizes for the arcades…

Leave the judgements and
the punishments for the law…

Let us try to imagine
AND live the transformational

No…I’m not saying to do
away with the stone tablets


they were broken ‘enough’
to allow the light to
seep into ‘unfinished’ lines…

The Poor in Spirit“…
know they do not have to die to
get to heaven—they live ‘within’ it.

Those who mourn“…allow their
tears to flow into a deeper river
of unseeing—the comfort is not
having to have answers.

Inherit the Earth“…the meek
already settled in this
participatory oneness.

Hungry and thirsty“…embrace a
communion of a lasting kind—
their fullness leaves leftovers.

Merciful“—how blessed to extend
and expect no return.

Pure in Heart“—eyes wide open…
‘seeing’ the Source in all living beings
AND recognizing when they look
in the mirror they dwell in
this Divinity.

Peacemakers“—sons & daughters…
no longer children…instead ADULT
sojourners walking a path blazing—
illuminated trails of hope into
every tomorrow.

Persecuted for Righteousness“—
you live in the heavenly dwelling
place inwardly & outwardly…there is
no longer any great divide or
separation—THIS UNION


Poured out
Nothing to lose
Everything to gain.

IT already is yours—


The only expression you’ll be able to
extend is the love
that now fills you and empties you.

Blessed is YOUR B-ing
Blessed B-attitude.


Inspired & Adapted from Mt 5:3-10
The Sermon on the Mount


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