Prodigal Son…The New Testament

Prodigal Son…The New Testament

How many times THIS
parable told?

How many times its
message slips away?

A Father’s love.

His son seeks his
inheritance before his
father’s time.

STILL—the father gives to
his son
who sets out.

A lavish life sought
—every last cent

He works—
is paid little.

“I’ll return home.”
“I’ll  ask forgiveness.”


Before he reached the doorway
of his home,
in the distance
the father gazes and Sees his son.

The father rushes with
an unspoken urgency.

He holds his broken son
in his arms so weary
after losing him.

But NOW—with
strength renewed,
he envelopes his son
kissing him
running his hands through
his hair as if he
were born again.

The father does NOT say,
“You must repent of your sin…
You must seek my forgiveness…”

No—the father says,
“Prepare a banquet
for this son of mine
was LOST but
NOW is found.”

The son did NOT have
to do ANYTHING to
earn back his father’s

It always was.

The other son
heard the jubilation.
Jealousy NOW filled his heart…
“Father, I, I, I…”

Again the father teaching
his child,
“All that IS mine is Yours.”

Are you hearing the parable
in a new way?

Which son are you?

Can we ALL become like
the father?

Grace is in the

forever flowing

longing to be
“If I am in your truth, God, keep me there.  If  I am not, God, put me there. ”                                                                                                                   —Joan of Arc

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