In a quiet room
she sits beside
her mother—
the last breath
shatters the silence
and she holds the
hand that once
held hers.

A man touches a
soft cloth to
his Beloved’s forehead.
Sixty-six years of
wedded bliss…
his wrinkled chin
touches her cheek.
He remembers their first
“I do” and cannot
imagine being anywhere
else in this moment.

A child
crippled from birth—
the parents take turns
and often work together
caring for their
The young one lets out
an utterance that no one
Still, the couple
embraces for they ‘hear’
the words.

You ask your purpose in life?
So many ‘seek’ to make
their mark…
To write their stories on the
pages of History…
To leave their works in
prestigious galleries…
To build their bank accounts
while never learning to breathe.

Find your purpose…
search your heart.
May you discover
it has ONLY been to Love.















(Dedicated to Mikey 1917-2005)


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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    This poem is beautiful. It is a great reminder how so many of us get wrapped up in the “stuff” of life like making a name for ourselves or growing that bank account. The truth of the matter is that we should be wrapped up in that gift of love for that is why we’re here.


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