Rain Drops

Rain Drops

My words intermingled
in rain drops.
As soon as the ink touches
the paper, a splash
falls down upon it
erasing whatever surfaced.

How to begin?
One tear falls and then

How can there be celebration
in the streets when
one by one by one
life is taken…
limbs of life lost…
quality of life changed?

A tree branch crashes
to the ground in the heart of
the forest…she bleeds—
no one hears.

Listen…no one has won.
This was not a game.
Life is not a sport.
Creation weeps this
day mindful of what each of us
is losing.

In the name of God
some cast people to Hell.
I think in some ways
‘we’ have become our
own ‘gods’ determining
where one goes in the

Where did you learn your
theology?  Your words
are violence.  They could
never come from a
‘Source’ that loves
what has been
fashioned as GOOD.

Before anything, darkness
existed…it welcomed the
light.  Together they
knitted the great
web of life—the
chain of Being.

The nameless ‘One’
waits, breathing
silently and in the
stillness and noise
HOPES again and again to

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  1. Laura Noe
    Laura Noe says:

    Thanks Sandy…especially love the line “your words are violence” Our words are very powerful as are our minds.

  2. Sue
    Sue says:

    Seems a fitting elegy to what happened in Boston last week. A comment on the violence in each one of us, so how can we blame just certain ones?


    Sandie that was beautiful,it was a reminder of this last week in Boston do not know if that was your intent but that is how It came a cross to me. Love You Truely………..Sandie

  4. Cheryl L. Smith
    Cheryl L. Smith says:

    Oh how quickly the words are said, and oh how quickly they are transmitted…way too soon before the event, the pain, the message can reach our hearts…where we know that we cannot convict another without convicting ourselves. Many blessings, Sandy, in your thought-provoking and spirit-awakening poetry. With Love, Cheryl


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