You’ve always had
this ‘inkling’—
a knowing you’d try
to push aside—
at times
you’ve even tried locking
it AWAY.

Back and forth
you’d go
as if on a
never really finding
your balance.

Still—you knew…
Often, when you were in
the circle of company
you thought your ‘kin,’
you could not be further

When you were ‘outside,’
you never had a sweeter
sense of peace, balance,
inner stillness—
Absent now was the energy
of denial, blame, shame, control, deception
and a ‘host‘ of others
that you’ve allowed yourself to consume.

But, the communion of
‘letting-go‘ has brought
the picture ‘into’ focus.

It is no longer an illusion—
it is a realization
you have known all along
but, chose to keep closing
your eyes.

NOW—wide open
you see, you believe
in YOU…

No ‘one’ can diffuse
your light—
yes, they’ll try…
silently—be still.

In time their realization
will be unveiled.

It is your time—
LIVE it fully.

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