Someone I have
loved for a lifetime
has tried to teach me
the lessons of

I did NOT want to

I’d do everything to
push the lessons away

—I wanted to fit in
—I wanted to be accepted.

But, now, I’m listening
to myself.

My friend who has loved me
before I was,
ALWAYS loved ‘me.’
This friend
has sat waiting—
wondering when I’d
love me enough to
endure rejection
AND love back.

Loving back the people
who say…

—THIS is God!
—GET the story right!
—You’ve LOST your way!

My friend laughs with me
NOW when I say,

still, I SEE God in everything.

My story…while it may not be
RIGHT, it is far from WRONG
and I’m living each page
writing itself.

What I’ve lost,
what I’ve let go of are
—rules that exclude
—dogmas that speak of infallibility
—rituals that are consecrated
by a single gender.

Rejection has become
a Sacrament…

An anointing—
preparing me for what?

I have no idea.

I know me…
Again—my friend is laughing,
giggling aloud.

I know you, too—
NOW you know me!

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  1. Ann M Pawlik
    Ann M Pawlik says:

    I love this poem, “Rejection.” You are not rejecting the Beloved, but the institutionalization of the Beloved (if I am reading this correctly). And I believe I know you, dear Sandy, a woman who sees the goodness of the Beloved in everything, who sees the sacred in the ordinary. It is your creed, so to speak, and it is spoken beautifully.

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      You have known my heart for sometime Dear Soul~Sister—
      It began on the shores of Madison…
      So many stories, so many happenings, AND
      you remain forever a gift in my life!
      Blessings of Love & Gratitude


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