The movie started
before it actually began.

I had a front row seat.
It was dark—
only the stars seemed
to light the screen.

The sound was a million
insects, if not more,
all singing their familiar tune.
The leaves cackled
and the creatures stirred
as I listened to a click
a clack of a broken branch.

Then something played that was
disturbing to my ear.
I froze for it was not anything
familiar and it carried the
sound of pain.

I waited—there it was, but
what I did not know.
I sat watching—dawn entered the
screen…the sound seemed to drift
until suddenly off in the distance
a thunderous roar.

Down—down the giant tree
came crashing to the ground.
Birds scattered through the air—
the sun found its way into
unforeseen places that tasted light a first time.
Still an end—
BUT, it was not the end.

The death of the mighty tree
haunted my being—
teardrops fell one by one.

I sat watching the film each
day wondering, wondering, wondering.

Suddenly, over my head
a large winged bird
swooped upon the tallest branch.

A raucous stirred.

What was now playing before my eyes?
Two small birds scurried down upon the
winged hawk…it was devouring the
small bird’s young.
All they could do was fly
squealing, but the large beak
would not stop consuming its meal.

Death stung my being.

Could I continue to watch this
film play on?

As much as I wanted to run
from my seat,
I sat.
I heard myself beginning
to breathe again.
A re-birth of my being…
something approached.

I saw movement in the forest trees…
I tried to close my eyes—
did I want to ‘see’ what was

Out she came—
Her eyes fixed on mine
mine on hers.
We sat what seemed for hours
holding each other’s gaze.

We rested—
Her ears twitched
and she made her way back into the woods.
The last thing I saw—her white tail
waving as if goodbye…still the farewell
seemed only a
new beginning
and I paused—
half held my breath
while the film rolled on.


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  1. Julie Lacki
    Julie Lacki says:

    Sandy, I LOVE this movie! It held my attention, the scenery beautiful, and the feelings it evoked were like yours. The ending was a surprise until “her white tail”
    gave it away…and then I gazed on what you gazed. She’s beautiful!
    thank you!


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