RUTH…(Hebrew Scripture)

RUTH…(Hebrew Scripture)

Who formed ‘you’ from within
the womb?
Your first ‘teachers’
NOT from the understood ‘TRUE FOLD.’

They laid a foundation
in your soul of selflessness,
tenderness, and abounding love.

You were a Moabite—
Married ‘into’ an Israelite family.
You heard about ‘their God’ and
you immediately recognized
this God was the ‘same’ as the
‘ONE’ you were brought up understanding.

You did not need to shout this message out…
You ‘lived’ it by example.

Your husband,
your father-in-law, and brother-in-law

Your mother-in-law, Naomi
released you and your sister-in-law, Orpah.
She freed you to go back
so that your future would not come to an end.

You, Ruth,
you stayed.
Your heart, overflowed with love.
You would not leave
Naomi alone when her needs were the greatest.

Grief, loss consumed her.
She loved you enough to say, ‘go’
but, you loved Naomi by staying.
Not seeing ahead,
you stood firmly in the moment of truth.

You trusted, staying and caring
for ‘someone’ you loved—
putting aside your happiness for a future.
Oh, but this was your greatest joy!

Your story, like a classic fairy tale—
your roots established in your early years
and the vine of your soul grafted into
the Oneness of the Creator who dwells in
and through all.

From your seed…Obed, your son
David’s Grandfather…a link to the Messianic birth of the Christ.
WE are all a Chosen race.








“All progress is inevitably accompanied by strife and shock…
Evolution never happens without work and suffering.  It is not enough
to let oneself be borne passively along by it; man(woman) must
collaborate in the event.”
                                                                            —Teilhard de Chardin

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