A heart so saddened
this day…
and why this day?
I don’t really know.
Everyday it could
feel ‘this’ way,
but the LOVE inside
will never allow this
sadness to stay for long.

Today, it speaks
like a voice from a
mountain top…
my heart beats aloud
and in words it echoes,
“How can you be so blind?”

“How can you ‘see’ all the
faults in others and not
look at your own face in
the mirror?  How can you
build walls of exclusion
and then ‘sit’ in your church
pews and hear a message…

‘Love your neighbor…’

Who is your neighbor?—
The very one you malign
while listing all your good

Have you forgotten love?

Love may be your enemy
since you no longer
know how to ‘reach’ out
except to ‘yourself.’

You say ‘all’ the right
‘things’ aloud but
your actions are all

You ‘worship’ a cross
and still you want to
fight—you’ve missed
the message.

The message calling
us to follow a path
of transformation.

Remove the veil

The road is wide—
it only appears
narrow because so
few wish to walk it…

So many say, “Wait, I’ll
join you…I just have

In the end, will it matter?
Only your steps will tell.
You’re the only one
who can walk them…

If you choose.

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