Sampson…(Hebrew Scripture)

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down your hair!
A fairy tale—
Your story, Sampson, anything BUT…

Your parents birthed you
in their old age~~~
You a gift, a Nazarite…promised never to cut
the locks of your strength.

Strand upon strand of flowing hair
delicately woven from your brow
was the charm, the magic
that allowed you to take on
the wild animal, the lion.
‘You’ captured before it swallowed you.

BUT…it was love that defeated you.
Not a pure love—
She, Only a lure of
their envy.
They enticed her
and she sold her soul to fill her
ego’s every want and desire.

Helpless you lay
stripped of all the strength you once
took for granted.

They paraded you into the center
before the people you loved
to mock you—
to belittle you.

And once more
you knew the cost.
You knew a spring still dwelt within you.
YOU burst like a dam.

The temple walls towered down
upon you and upon all
who sought your ruin.

The cost…your life.
Your spirit
lives on in the ‘locks’ of time.

“Life breaks everyone…
        but some grow stronger at the broken part.”           

                                                                                                 —Ernest Hemingway

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  1. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    You rock Tooch! Pun intended 🙂 Another excellent writing, drawing, photo… Thank you for your continued gifts of inspiration! I am deeply appreciative for your heart sharings, and all that pours forth from your heart and pen.


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