SAMUEL…(Hebrew Scriptures)

Samuel…Hebrew Scriptures

loved even before you burst from
your mother’s womb.

her ‘deepest’ desire.
She loved the “One” who gave her you
so very much.
She offered you back as servant…judge.

She held ‘you’ as long as she could
and then you were placed in the hands of
Eli.  His own sons he could not guide—
Yet, you followed.

As you grew,
your wisdom expanded.

The people came to you.
You knew how to judge rightly


Some days at the ‘office’
you must have asked,
This is a complete waste of time!
I could be, I could be,
I could be so much more.

But, here I am…
solving disputes, ratifying laws, justifying the wars that
bring only further divisions.

I have known only love
and wished only to share it in the
kindest, most gentle of ways…
This did not happen.

So much turbulence
in your time Samuel.
(I HEAR a similar bell clanging today).

All of this turmoil created by humankind…
small acts
done without consciousness…
Seeking what—victory?

No victory was had…
Still Samuel—
You knew love
and in your way
you judged
“It’s very difficult to find in the outside world something that matches what the system inside you is yearning for.”                                                                              —Joseph Campbell

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