(Inspired by the works of Maya Angelo)

Slipping through the bars
—WAIT, I cannot get through.
Yet, my arms,
solid…built to last
—‘pull back’ the cage.

No matter how often this cage door sealed,
I sing from a perch.
The song is soft
—sometimes passionate
like a flame ignited by a 
simple whisper~~~’FLY.’

I set out.
I am a ballad which allows the
tears inside to become notes
playing tenderly,
The latch lifts.

I move effortlessly, arms raised.
A silent flutter,
 I have discovered the edge.

I leap,
The very essence of my Soul
in flight…soaring.

No destination, no settled place
to land.

I am out of the cage.
I live the melody strumming the
soft feathers carrying me
to heaven’s door-less entry.

You, Oh God,
created who it is I am.

I hear you singing back.
‘I am an image
trying to find its way.
I am made in your likeness.’

How can a caged bird not sing?

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