SIBYL MAGAZINE—January 2017/A Pilgrim Seeking Temples

Sibyl Magazine—January 2017/ A Pilgrim Seeking Temples

What is this?
Sibyl Magazine is a Publication for the Spirit & Soul of Woman.
At the beginning of 2016 I was invited to submit a piece of my literary writing…
the invitation could not have been more timely as the Pilgrimage I walked in 2015
(The Camino de Santiago) had began to ‘gestate’ in and through my very being.

The GOOD News—
The ‘piece’ was accepted and I’ve been invited to ‘write’ a monthly article for 2017.

Yes—the sharings will focus on the unfolding of the Pilgrimage I NOW live daily…walking ONE footstep at a time TRUSTING I am exactly where I AM meant to be.

Hope that monthly in 2017 you will enjoy the WALK with me.

Buen Camino



In March 2015, a journey ‘written’ in the sands of time would seep to the bottom of the hour glass.  The preparations for my pilgrimage began in past chapters.  I trained my being: physically—long walks in all elements; mentally—quiet refrains with no interruptions; emotionally—the longing of my being to connect with soul and spiritually—who are YOU, Source of Life, AND ‘who’ am I?  Delicately the ‘garden’ of my person took root…endless pages were written and many blank pages waited dabbing.

I uprooted myself on March 23rd and departed on my journey.  I would ‘transplant’ my earthly dwelling thousands of miles as I crossed over waves which rolled over from shore to shore to an unknown place.  (BUT, was it really unknown to me?)  I was a foreigner whose soles ‘touched’ a path known as The Way (The Camino de Santiago).  Millions of pilgrims traversed this landscape.  These ancient ancestors, without penning a sentence, shared their stories and kindled a flame within me.  As I stepped ‘into’ their footprints, I became ONE with them on this sacred path.  It was not until I returned from the pilgrimage that I began to sink my roots deeper and more firmly into the ‘grounds’ of Life.

The seeker of temples I became was a ‘temple’ that looked ‘into’ the faces of eternal temples.  I discovered EVERYTHING: trees stretching their branches into the clouds; mountains pulling blue skies into their snow-capped peaks; rivers swirling like woven tapestries; animals draped with bells clanging in the morning’s mist; flocks of birds singing because they could.  WE, I included, are ALL temples—treasures in a field of the Universe manifesting the uniqueness of the Divine.

All BEGAN before the formations of GAIA—the Cosmic Mystery which births itself each day as it calls EVERYONE to the dance—the flow of Life.  My call was an invitation to leave possessions behind.  I discovered that when we are empty, we truly are FILLED.  My temple’s story is not my own…it is part of a web creatively fashioned.  Each slender thread of Life placed, as if cemented, lends to something NEW.

Long ago persons gathered around sacred fires retelling stories.  Oral accounts paved terrains.  Words—NOT written BUT, STORY was ALIVE…’breath’ itself handed down…EVERY ‘temple’ shared a vision which spilled into the fabric of every TODAY.  Pilgrim, ‘temple’ I AM drinking from this well that ALWAYS was present to me.  SOMEdays I’m mindful of ALL I do NOT know and fall in love with the endless questions as I embrace the joy of everything unanswered.  My soles walk with renewed step—every footprint where it is meant to be. My pilgrimage’s ending—HOME…A BEGINNING.

Every new day pearls are discovered…stunning priceless gems…gifts given for ALL.
What is asked…A LIFE well Lived.

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  1. Diane wolert
    Diane wolert says:

    Sandy, I am so proud of you. Your stories so impress me and give strength to face the problems each day brings. Congrats!!!


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