Yes…there you are.
Hidden within the formless void
an outline of being.

A shadow
perhaps ‘more’ real,
alive, displayed
than when eyes, ears, mouth
and nose revealed.

Open to imagination…
your ‘gaze’ seen by no one.
Expectations vanished.
Illusions removed.
Only You
who you really are—
a perfect self
at One with the whole.

No longer a need to
make it ‘right’ for
others…we are all called to find our way.

Your stage is the center which
belongs to everyone…
not only to the lonely others
who believe the world twirls
solely around them.

Nameless silhouette
you are every

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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    Today’s poem is very powerful, my friend, and very appropriate as we have just begun our 4 week great ADVENTure! We are waiting with great anticipation, with joy and with hope, for the rebirth of the Jesus of History in our hearts, and for the great I AM, the Christ of Majesty, to come again.


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