Sketch of ‘Myself’ 2018

                                              Sketch of ‘Myself’  2018

Inspired by Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” I’ve bound together a tapestry of sketches—
a ball point pen—a sheet of paper.

THIS ‘timeless’ Sojourner soaks the pages NOT with words, but instead with ‘images’…
a simple prayer unspoken, yet imbued in every detailed shadow…black, white—color.

From a transformed heart, I will share with you on the Mondays in 2018,
“Sketch of Myself.”

“I am the poet of slaves and of the masters
of slaves

                          I am the poet of the body
                          And I am
                          I am the poet of the body
                          And I am the poet of the soul
                          I go with the slaves of the earth equally with the masters
                          And I will stand between the masters and the slaves,
                          Entering into both so that both shall understand me alike
                         I am the poet of Strength and Hope.”

Whitman’s earliest proto-lines that lead to “Song of Myself”

                                       Crossing—over or under…it is all up to you

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  1. Lisa Marie Teubel
    Lisa Marie Teubel says:

    What joy and wonder I am experiencing now in the simplicity of being with the first “sketch of myself”. In the past I’ve read your wonderful writings and have enjoyed your sketches. I accepted a deep inner invitation to be with, and contemplate them more, reflecting a sketch of mine own self being true. I walk the path drawn as it becomes real in my heart and soul. The stillness speaks to me. I appreciate the invitation to this journey in 2018. Thank you dearly.

    • Sandy
      Sandy says:

      I ‘hear’ your words and feel as if we are embarking on another NEW walk…
      Thank YOU for saying YES to the invitation…
      I LOOK forward to SEEING what becomes of the Sketch of YOURSELF:)
      Love you Dipper,
      Scout Tooch


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