SOLOMON…(Hebrew Scriptures)

Solomon…(Hebrew Scriptures)

Split the child in two!!!
You heard me, cut the child in half!!!
Even before you finished your sentence, the ‘mother’
fell at your feet…
‘Give the child to the other woman’
You knew, Solomon.
You knew who the real mother was
and you ‘placed’ the innocent child into her hands.

You could have said anything.
Anything you wanted was yours…but
you did not ask for treasures, lands, victories.
You did not ask that your name become famous
across the waters.

Instead, you asked for wisdom
and understanding…
A heart open to kindness and mercy.

Instead of battles, you reawakened
the ‘art’ of communication—communion.

You listened, observed…
seeing through the blinders…
understanding ‘they’ were simply not able to grasp
the mystery.

You judged NOT…yet guided wisely.

Your Wisdom Solomon, speaks today—
Can we hear the message?
“What we do with our lives individually is not what determines whether we are a
success or not.  What determines whether we are a success is how we have
affected the lives of others.
—Albert Schweitzer

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