Someone’s Hidden Mercy…

Someone’s Hidden Mercy…

and I don’t know
where to begin to look.

I’ve been searching.
It’s been more than days.
Truly, I cannot begin to remember
when my pursuit
actually began.

I’ve crossed endless
highways and by-ways.

I traveled by air,
land and sea.

I stepped across
the scorching desert sands.

I’ve lifted rocks
along the rushing
river beds.

I’ve leaped through
valleys fresh with

I stood in the big
cities staring
into a million faces.

I’ve walked beside
those with nothing
and ‘softened’
in the midst of
those who believe
themselves to
have everything.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy—
where have you gone?

I climbed a mountain
and looking outward
into the infinite

I called again,
I shouted, “MERCY!”

My voice carried on,
and on,
and on…

In the distant
I heard
the still small

It was ONLY then
I knew ‘inside’
of me
the place where
Mercy dwelt.

“Be merciful
sweet self…

I’m in thee.”


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