I sat beside sorrow—
the days passed
weeks went by
time became lost.

Neither of us
sorrow or self
looked up or out—
we were stranded within
like an island
with no means to break free—
land was nowhere in sight.

I’m uncertain what it was
or what allowed our
eyes to meet,
but a sudden stir
brought sorrow and me
face to face.

We gazed for
a solitary moment—
we began to laugh
until we cried.

We embraced
holding our connection…
trusting in a boat
that drifted to the

It was always there,
but for NOW—
finally visible.

Sorrow and I
bowed to each other—
we knew we’d meet
again…life has those
moments allowing us to

AND then we board the
vessel setting out
in uncharted waters
drawing strength
from grief’s encounters.

We rise
discovering ‘newness’
in ourselves and the
ability to endure.

Joy is the oars
that allow us to
paddle to other

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