Stay Awake

Stay Awake

…Advent begins—
they call it a season of
waiting~~~ or AWAITING
what has and is already
in‘ the world.

In ‘many’ ways my spirit
takes in ‘all’ the
not with the busy-ness of
shopping, gift-giving,
rushing here and there—
BUT, rather in the

‘Seeing’ the
fragility of Life—
…a beautiful
mind losing itself
and holding on
in the aging
…a sturdy
companion NOW
holding on ‘for’
a support to
carry her
mighty trunk
and still she
stands with

My being
‘observes’ while I
try my utmost to comfort,
to care.
Still, in this
waiting, I look without
realizing a ‘preparing’ taking place…

So thief, if you are to come,
you can take anything from the dwelling
of my sturdy shelter, BUT you cannot
take the treasure that dwells in the stillness
of my heart in the HOLY moment(s) of
waiting, wonder and awe.

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  1. Benedicte
    Benedicte says:

    Dearest Soulsister

    Thank you for this beautiful picture. To me it resonate in a calm way the kidneys.
    They become easily “stressed” if we look at Christmas preparation-lists with an : “I MUST do …..” attitude. So I will imprint your drawing in my kidneys every day in December – and think of you with gratefulness.

    Love and blessings for your day

  2. Suzi Banks Baums
    Suzi Banks Baums says:

    Oh Sandy, I hear you here. I see you and all you are doing this season and just know, your voice speaks clearly in this poem. Please take in and also send my love to you and all you are doing daily…awaiting. I am also, in this Advent, awaiting…all that is and all that is to be. All my love, S

  3. Giovina
    Giovina says:

    Beautiful, Sandy. Thanks for your generous sharing of your insights. They are inspirational to me. Loved your Christmas greeting card too.


  4. mary
    mary says:

    what an AWESOME!!! poem, to be sharing this time of year, to capture the true beauty, of the reason for the season. People put to much into materialistic things this time of year, when truly if we just keep quiet, when can then know what it is truly about….much love and many prayers, Mary


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