Stone Cutter…A Pilgrimage to the Holy land

                                       Stone Cutter…A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

What was it Joseph?
What was it you were truly
chiseling?  Reshaping?

He watched you…
pretending to be you.

He picked up ‘any’ stone…
he could NOT reject any.

Is THIS why he became
the corner stone?

He recognized in the broken fragments
‘persons’ rejected, left out, lost,
poor, disadvantaged.                                 

He would call them
without hammer
without a chisel.

He would call them…

He re-shaped lives.
He transformed those who would
be called simple, unclean,

Your son, Joseph,
heard ‘every’ stone
he listened
to this day
he ‘cuts’ into

reaching the core…

This he learned from YOU…Stone Cutter.

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