Holding Hands…

Walking with ‘our’ Ancestors through poems, reflections and stories untold—

Listen…with ‘new’ ears
COME join hands.


“For I know the thoughts that
I think toward you, says the
Lord, thoughts of peace and
not of evil, to give you a
future and a hope.
Then you will call upon Me
and go and pray to Me, and I
will listen to you
And you will seek Me and
find Me, when you search for
Me with all your heart.
I will be found by you, says
the Lord, and I will bring
You back from your

Jeremiah 29:11-14

Our ancestry is the ‘Beginning’ of our stories and those beginnings were even before our ancestry, yet never written down…perhaps not even to the visible ‘eye’ as we have come to know it.

It is within the third eye that we are invited to journey deeper…not so to erase the foot prints of history, but rather to walk in those footsteps and blaze new trails rooted in the beginning of time.

We are often frightened to see the formations that shaped us, that breathed life into us…that drew lines in the sand causing us to pause and encounter the moments.

Our past—the voices of all that our ancestors encircled teach us to throw down the stones that would only incite more violence, pain, injury, insult.

The blood of our stoning, our weaponry, our advancements in technology have seeped into the soils of our time and we must ‘listen’ to the voices of our past echoing through the wind, pulsing through our rivers and endless waterways…
We must hear the sounds of the simple bird that sings if for no other reason than it can.
We push aside listening in the silence because we don’t like what it says to us…
This silence calls to us, a hushed whisper to love—
This is the heart of the story.
In some ways we are only now beginning to ‘grasp’ the wisdom of the ancient mystics, prophets, artists, writers and poets of this our present moment.

Seasons change, so too, the story grows ever more beautiful, yet not without pain, struggle.  Oh the joy our rootedness discovers when we sink into the ‘muddy’ earth and discover new ways to grow.

Our clouded ideas, thoughts, reasonings lifted~~~
the sky…clear and for the first time one ‘sees’
especially within—
that a heart waits in the hands of the Beloved who has been residing all along anticipating this very moment to be discovered…
a union, an intimacy.
No going back, yet one must look back to recognize how the story was created.

Your story is my story and my chapters ‘meshed’ into yours…
race, color, gender, religion, tribes no more—
Let us recognize our oneness
Let us close our eyes and touch our brothers and sisters past, present and future and simply love the ones whom we touch—
May that first moment when we actually ‘feel’ another cause a ripple within our souls and expand outward touching every living, moving being and value its worthiness in the grand design of ‘being.’

May the stories we’ve come to know be springboards for the stories we share today and may the little child who hears for the first time ‘this beginning’ be invited to receive and add newness for the message of his/her future.

May we acknowledge it is not about who is right or who is wrong.  Think of me a dreamer, a Don Quixote ‘seeing’ beauty in what would be that which others would never see as lovable—
to breathe out only kindness, compassion, tenderness and mercy—
And, even if it not received, extend it all the more to the one listening, yet not able to grasp…

We are the ‘voices in the desert, on the mountains,
in the cities and slums,
the suburbs, the villages—
Preparing not for the “one” who is to come…
for the “ONE” is already here among us—
Within us.
















Blankets of star dust
dance through the sky
landing delicately upon sheets of earth
born and then reborn…
So much discovery in all this that has been undiscovered.
There is an unknown existing long before a story told.
In its beginning, its formation…energy, matter, atoms, a whirling mass of chaos,
eruptions, explosions, pulsating cells forming, duplicating~~~breathing…ALIVE.

So much in between every written line, each expanding paragraph, endless chapters of
questions seeking answers, answers leading only to more questions…all this is part of a
tapestry spreading wide, expanding what we understand as ‘reaching’
never truly able to touch what began it all and yet touching every fiber of every living being
for what was, what is…the wondrous I AM lives, dwells in and through CREATION…and in all
‘created’ natural beings~~~

So you, whose name is as we’ve come to know, ADAM~~~
the Source of all Living breathed through its nostrils into the star dust, your
image~~~already the likeness of I AM and you became a living being surrounded by and with
endless life.

You, man…a caretaker, yes, care taker of CREATION~~~planted in a Garden.
You, a root from the soil’s flesh,
not placed here to control all things but to love
in harmony with all ‘beings.’
You were to ‘care’ for this dwelling…endlessly changing
You were gifted with language and with this you could reason
as well as imagine—
Together ‘reason’ and imagination…
There was balance, harmony~~~

Watch, learn, and listen to all that has been before you~~~
A natural flow…
You were created to join this natural dance.

You are from the earth…
Be One with Her.

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