Stumbling Blocks

Stumbling Blocks

A twisting road—
Never ending curves—
holes knee deep—
some large enough
that I’ve been
swallowed whole.

Massive boulders
impeded the way…
there was no way
getting round—
going over has
changed my physical form.

Certainly, all the
bumps and bruises—
scrapes and lacerations
changed my movement.

The path continues…
lessons at every step
teach me
train me
guide me.

What I’m encountering
most intimately in
my becoming my ‘SELF’
are the loving
stumbling blocks
gracing the journey.

Yes, loving because
they are persons in
my life who would
ask me to steer
clear from the
way Spirit guides me.

At times this saddens
me because they
continue choosing
not to see who I AM.
Instead, they wish to
fit me into their mold…

Maybe this push to mold me is
easier for them—
‘they’d’ not have to
look in the mirror…

They could continue to
sit in their church
pews ‘critiquing’ the
rest of the world
and how it should be.

Ah, yes—these sacred
stumbling blocks…

they actually invite me
and at the same time
tempt me
to look at the road
in front of me.

I’m trying to walk a
terrain less traveled—
bumps and bruises heal
more quickly than
the RAW emotions challenged
along the open road
filled with stumbling blocks.

Still, both
have their lessons…

AND, I’m coming to
we are able to face challenges
in life
because we are MUCH stronger
than we think.

The curve ahead—
‘I do not yet see.’
I’ll face it when it comes.

For now, I’ll
move on from this
THIS garden of life!


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